Recording, editing, post production, mastering and file conversion working with an experienced engineer. Includes the use of all of our studio facilities as required.

Voice-over recording (& post)

  • per hour  – £80

Voice-over recording to picture & in house ADR (& prep/post)

  • per hour  – £130
    pre & post, for cues set up and file export/output charged at 50% of the hourly rate
  • Add ZOOM Video Webcam and screen share 3 way with talent and control room engineer  (Ideal for shorter ADR sessions or non absolute critical frame accurate sessions – £25 per session

Remote ‘wild’ recording ISDN (IpDTL) / IP (Audio TX, Source Connect ‘Now’)
with engineer or self op with engineer in attendance. Includes line check prior to session by arrangement

  • audio only – per hour – £90
  • with Source Connect Pro – add £100 (NB If line check required (highly recommended),  £50 will be charged if more than 36 hours before the booked session
  • with simultaneous recording locally – add £40 p/h
  • initiation of calls over ISDN to UK charged at £10 p/h, Europe £20 p/h, USA £25 p/h. NB: Rates may vary for remote areas.
  • (No charge over IP for Audio TX / Source Connect Now users)

Remote ADR
Sessions requiring Source Connect Pro (usually for remote ADR Picture sync via RTS) with shotgun and lav mics.

  • £100 Source Connect Pro hire in… PLUS
  • per hour – £130 includes shotgun and/or lav  / studio mics as required – See our current mic list)
  • pre & post, for cues set up and file export/output charged at 50% of hourly rate
  • If line check required (highly recommended), cost for hire in of £50 will be charged if more than 36 hours before the booked session
  • Hire in of alternative specific mics to match source arranged at cost, or courier your own mics to us.  See our current mic list

For shorter ADR sessions, maybe a few cues or pickups, Source Connect Pro may well not be necessary. We can run this over ZOOM with visuals screen share and webcams and check any critical sync with the talent still present by quickly forwarding you the takes to approve before sign off.
For this option, Per hour fee above applies plus see ‘ZOOM Video & Audio link with screenshare’ in the Ancillaries section below


Up to 4k HD filming to Chroma, white, black, grey backdrops with lights, autocue, wireless Lavalier & Shotgun mics

  • per hour – £120 (inc. 2 engineers)
  • Post per hour – £80
  • Dry hire per hour- £80 (min 1 x tech support on hand)


  • CDR / DVDR edited or unedited audio/data files – £5
  • File transfer – no charge up to 5GB then £5 per 1GB thereafter
  • Dial In (for remote talent direction)
    – Phone Patch audio link with client/engineer £10 per hour (plus outgoing calls at £2.50 per 15 minutes UK)
    – Source Connect Now, Skype or ZOOM audio link 2 way with talent – £10 per hour
    – ZOOM Video and audio link with visuals screen share 3 way with talent and control room engineer (Ideal for shorter ADR sessions or non absolute critical frame accurate sessions – £25 per session
  • Photocopying/printing 20+ sheets – 5p per copy
  • Light snacks & buffet can be arranged on request at cost


A charge of 50% will be added to our hourly rate for periods of sessions that are “out of hours”.
Our normal day rate operational hours are Mon-Fri 10AM>6PM




Sessions must be booked in advance by email with details, session duration, deadlines, persons/voices attending, remote connection details and session specific requirements (i.e VO to picture, over ISDN with remote and local recording).

Sessions include a minimum of 1 staff engineer, and 2 for more complex or ADR sessions, and use of facilities & hot & cold drinks

Minimum 1 hour and subsequent time charged in 30 minute blocks.
Unless by prior agreement, we charge ‘time booked’ even if not all used, plus any over-runs. Over-runs are only possible if the studio doesn’t have a following session.

We charge for prep time required for checking files received, creating projects and setting up audio/visual cues required to run the session efficiently. Within each session there will be a period of time spent adjusting microphones, checking levels and remote connection levels. At the end, consolidating files, making any required edits, uploading files. All is within chargeable session time.

Outgoing phone patch and ISDN calls are charged (see rates)

We will happily print short scripts for you. Photocopying & printing for 20+ sheets are charged (see rates)

Be sure to send video/reference files, MIDI cues and scripts AT LEAST 24 hours before the session or more wherever possible. We need to check them and have time to make any necessary conversions & set cue markers etc. We only have one studio, and due to our busy schedule we cannot guarantee that we can undertake this before your booked session if delivered late which isn’t often the most relaxing vibe to start your session off !

If you need to match voice quality, tone and levels, to material recorded elsewhere, please send us a match file.

Sessions will be recorded as .Wav, 48K, 24Bit as default. Please let us know if you require higher rates. We can easily down-sample output files and convert formats if required after the session.
We use Logic X as our recording software. We can supply AAF (Previously OMF but better) project files which can easily opened in Protools and other audio software if you are planning on doing post production.

We work to the highest standards and endeavour to accurately record script copy as supplied and identify and correct any misreads that may be made by the Voiceover talent/actors.
In the event of a misread by talent supplied by us where you do not attend the session in person or via remote patch, we will arrange to re-book the talent and re-record and re-supply the replacement audio at our expense as soon as possible.
If you supply your own talent, and/or you are directing the session in person or remotely, we are not responsible for any misreads that may have been unnoticed at the time of recording, and you will be liable for all expenses of the talent and studio to re-record as required.

Payment Method:
Payment by BACS, IBAN, cheque, cash or Paypal. A surcharge of 5% will be charged for all Paypal transactions. IBAN bank charges are payable by customer.

Payment Terms:
Strictly 30 days for existing customers or immediately for new customers. No master files will be released until payment received in full.

Late Payment:
Payment is due by the date specified on our invoices. Interest on outstanding invoices will be charged at 5% per day on accounts that exceed this time. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 if we are not paid according to the agreed credit terms.

Cancellation of pre-booked sessions are subject to our cancellation policy.  50% of the agreed booking fee will be payable and invoiced upon cancellation if made within 24 hours of the agreed start time and 100% payable with less than 12 hours notice.

Small Print:
We cannot be held financially responsible for matters beyond our control such as (but not limited to) equipment failure, transport delays/strikes, previous session over-runs, staff illness, power, ISDN, phone line or broadband service outages, adjacent construction work, poor voices/scripts, bad direction, late scripts/files/instructions, late client/voice arrivals…