Talent Development

Record your own VO showreel and work for us


Do you have a good or interesting voice?

Are you, or are you interested in becoming a professional voiceover talent?

Are you local to Plymouth?


We are always looking for new voiceover talent, and if you can make the grade (with a bit of our help), we can get you up and running as a voiceover talent in your own right and may be able to get you some work too.


Sounds Great! What Do I Need To Do?

If you are already an established talent and have a showreel, then get in touch. Drop us an email with a brief CV and a sample of your work.

If you are interested in becoming a voiceover talent, you will need an audio showreel. This is a short demo of your voice and shows off what you can do.

Our clients use showreels to choose voices to best suit their projects. Getting the right voice is vital as it can make a huge difference in the end result of the product they are promoting.

We are typically approached by media companies in need of experienced suitable talent with the right voice for their project. They will often select who they would like from our Talent page, or we will make suggestions based upon our experience, and having worked with our talent on many occasions.

How Do I Make A Showreel?

Firstly, so not to waste anyone’s time, we ask that you drop us an email to introduce yourself, and include a short voice recording of a passage taken from a novel, or a newspaper article, or dialogue from a typical TV or radio advert, spoken in your best natural speaking voice. Up to 30 seconds will be more than enough.

The recording quality isn’t important, and on your mobile phone using a voice recorder app will do just fine.

We will take a listen and get back to you to let you know what we think.

If you are interested in giving it a go, we will set you some homework and arrange to book you into our studio for a session to give you an overview on various aspects of voice recording, which will include:

  • Overview of various typical sessions (straight audio, ISDN, remote directed sessions via phone patch / Skype, overdubbing narration to picture and Audio Dialogue Replacement (ADR))
  • Mic Techniques
  • Recording Techniques
  • Setting up independently

Finally we will work with you to record a professional audio showreel demo.


How Much Does It Cost?

We charge a one-off fee of £229 for an overview and production of your own professional audio showreel.
Typically we will do this over a 2 hour evening session and we will edit your reel for you within 5 working days.

What Happens Next?

Once you have recorded your professional showreel, you may use that for your own promotional purposes as you wish.

You can approach other Voiceover studios and agencies and use it on your own website if you intend to set up as an independent voiceover talent in your own right.

If we feel that you have the right voice, abilities, enthusiasm, passion and attitude, we will be happy to add you to our talent page and may be able to get you some work.


What Kind Of Work Do You Do?

At April Media Productions, we undertake a wide range of projects. These include;

  • TV Adverts
  • Radio Adverts
  • Podcasts
  • E-Learning Modules
  • Phone Apps
  • Audio Books
  • Corporate Videos

How Much Can I Earn?

There are many factors to consider, and each project will vary but as a guide anywhere between £60-£200 per hour is typical, and more for larger corporate jobs.

Projects vary from short 15 minute sessions of a few lines to week long projects.

BUT: Don’t give up your day job just yet!… projects tend to be on an ad-hoc basis, and the market is very saturated with voice talent of all abilities, but it certainly can be a rewarding second income and lead to bigger and better things once you gain more experience and become established.


Other Services We Offer:

  • Website Development
    We can set you up a fully content managed website for your own Voiceover Talent business.
  • Photography
    We can take promotional photographs for you and your website.
  • Video Showreels
    You may be interested in presenting audio visual projects such as podcasts, You Tube promotional video’s  or visual e-learning. We can shoot and edit a professional video showreel for you.