April Media were recording local VO talent Jenny Lane for a BBC Radio 4 documentary which airs Sat 4th March at 8PM

BBC Radio 4 – Archive on 4, The Shape of Things That Came

HG Wells’ future history novel looks back from the year 2106. Halfway through the novel’s time span, Sean Street explores what the author got almost right – or terribly wrong.

In 1933, Wells published a novel which purported to be a history of the years 1929 to 2105, received from the future in dreams. He called his book The Shape of Things to Come, a phrase that has since become a part of the English language. Now, 84 years into the time scale of this prophetic book and with 88 more to go to complete the story – poet and professor of radio Sean Street goes back to the text and explores what Wells got right, what he got wrong – and what may be yet to come.

From predicting another world war to a utopian world government, he navigates a journey through Wells’ future past using audio archives and contemporary news bulletins, with expert help from Christopher Frayling, Andy Sawyer and Orson Wells.